A.K.A. what excuse does Jordan Margolis have now?

I "worked" for Jordan Margolis for about ten years, when he was a practicing attorney in Chicago. I say "worked", because while Jordan paid me sometimes, there has never been a time when he didn't owe me money, from 2001 until the present. At this time, he owes me over sixty thousand dollars. There was ALWAYS an excuse, and in this respect, his Excuse Man alter-ego is very realistic.

Jordan's debt to me started with my first job for him. His company was in a bind, and I fixed them up and got them back in business. They sent me a check, but it was for half of what they owed me. When I questioned him on this, he responded that things were slow, and that he would pay me when he could. Of course business is difficult for everyone, it's no exception with me, and yet this seeming "nice guy" truly struck me as having difficulties, so I let it slide, even though HE was the "big attorney" who "went to bat for the little guy", and I was the LITTLE GUY, the small entrepreneur trying to make a go of it with his own business.

I continued to work for him, with the promise that I would get paid. Eventually I did, but by the time the check arrived, I had already done additional work for him that wasn't covered by the check. Once again he owed me money, and I'd have to wait for it.

Many times over the years, as I continued to provide service to him, I would ask him for payment, and sometimes I would get a small check. These checks became more and more sporadic, always with the excuse "things are really difficult now". And yet, somehow, Jordan managed to create this entire universe of, frankly, questionable humor: Excuse Man, Eggscuseman, Planet Jordo, Excuseland. He had "professional" costumes made, videos filmed, books published, marketing professionals hired....and yet, the money that he owed me for my hard work went unpaid.

One time I remember, several years ago, I became particularly pointed in my request for some sort of payment. He agreed, and said the check was sent. I waited for days, and the check never arrived. I followed up, and "yes, the check had been sent". Still nothing. Finally, I turned off this website, which at the time was one of his primary sites for dissemination of his "humor", and suddenly the next day, a check arrived that was dated on the day I turned the site off. The original check that he claimed to have sent? It still hasn't arrived.

Things continued on like this for some time. Always excuses. "He owed his employees money". "His cases weren't settling". "Money wasn't forthcoming". All the while, I was patient and accommodating.

One day, I saw him walking down the sidewalk. He came to a crosswalk and waited for the signal, pretending not to notice me. I said "hello Jordan!". Still no response. Finally I started to walk up to him and said "JORDAN!", and he bolted like a scared rabbit.

Why does he owe me money? Why did he stop paying what he owed? This is a good question, one for which we may never know the answer. As I mentioned, he has built up an entire network of "humor" sites, complete with his costumed alter-ego, and pictures of him "flying through the air", ostensibly to "protect the little guy". Meanwhile, there was at least one "little guy" who he was stepping on, taking advantage of, for his own benefit, with no regard for what this "little guy" was going through himself.

I started my business about 15 years ago, and I used a large portion of my retirement savings to do so. I had been laid off of work, and decided to make a go of my dream to own my own business. I did my best to reach new clients, and slowly but surely, business grew. As any business owner knows, just a few percent of revenue can make the difference between success and failure, and it seemed that the time I invested working for Jordan, and the money that he still owes me but neglects to pay, would make all the difference for me. And yet, as Jordan prances around in videos, photos, and web appearances using money that he has acquired from unknown sources, offering his, um, "humor", I STILL wait for my money.

A couple years ago, my girlfriend, an immigrant to this country with no family here, experienced serious health problems. She lost her house and her job as a result, and ended up in the hospital, completely paralyzed from the neck down. I struggled to assist her, to retain her possessions, doing my part to help her hang on to life and what little she had left. I fell behind on my mortgage, my taxes, and my personal bills at the time. As her condition worsened, and as she neared death, I continued to fall further and further behind. Money that I had earned from Jordan, money that I had worked for, that Jordan had REQUESTED I work for, went unpaid, while I fell further behind and while my girlfriend laid in a hospital bed nearing death. I received none of my money from Jordan at this time, but his "humor" continued to flow.

My girlfriend eventually made a full recovery, after spending months in the hospital and rehabilitation facilities, where she slowly regained most of her motor functions, and learned to walk and perform daily tasks again. I am still behind on my mortgage, taxes, and bills, but I am slowly catching up, no thanks to Jordan.

So what IS the problem for Jordan? Some friends who know him and I have pondered this question. Was it gambling? Liquor? Drugs? Prostitutes? No, it didn't seem to be any of these things. And yet, money for Jordan went out faster than it came in, and it went somewhere...but no one knows where. One friend postulated that Jordan had lost his mind, lost his ability to rationally deal with people and life, and turned to "humor" as some sort of a cover. Perhaps this is the answer. But the money is still missing, and no one but Jordan knows where it is.

How much money? Lots. I had mentioned that Jordan was a practicing attorney in Chicago. He HAD been. He had built a notable legal career and a well-known and respected law firm. He has recently been disbarred though, for theft of a million dollars of his client's money, money that had been recovered for them because they had been injured, money to pay their medical bills, their mortgages, money to live and eat. Jordan took it, and it's gone now. This doesn't include the money he still owes to his former employees and people like me, people who dealt fairly and honestly with him, only to be financially abused by a man who was supposedly worthy of their trust.

Have a look at what Jordan Lee Margolis has done. It's pretty shocking that someone who once had a prosperous career in the legal profession would sink to this level. Jordan had obligations. Obligations to himself, to his family, to his employees, to his business associates such as me, and most importantly, to his CLIENTS. People who have suffered, and who went to him for help. People who have been physically hurt, wronged, treated unfairly. It appears that Jordan used them and their unfortunate circumstances as a front to sue the people who had wronged them, collected the money on their behalf, and then stole that money, or in some way made it "vanish". What DOES one do with a million dollars that they have stolen from people they were supposed to be helping? No one knows the answer to this but Jordan Margolis, and he undoubtedly has an excuse about it.

http://www.iardc.org/co_recentdiscdec_copy99.html - Here you can see the order from the Illinois Supreme Court, disbarring Jordan from practicing law, and requiring him to pay restitution for "dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation". Scroll down to the fourth entry.

https://www.iardc.org/13PR0070CM.html - And this is a document outlining the complaints of "dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation" against him.

http://www.planetjordo.com/ - Here you can see what Jordan is up to today, publishing crude and tasteless jokes and comments, even on the day he was disbarred. Class act. NOT for Children!

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I am completely unaffiliated with Jordan Margolis, but I would be happy to provide what little information I have on him to people who have been harmed by him, to the news media, or to other interested parties, via the e-mail address listed above.